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When you open the Player Templates dialog, the Colors section is the fifth tab on the left. Use the Colors section of the Player Template Builder to modify the color of a particular template.

Details of this section are below. When you close the Player Template, the last-viewed section will be shown the next time you open it.

Elements of the Colors Section:

Edit Color Schemes: Clicking this button will load the Colorizer, which will allow you to customize the color of your Player by choosing from a set of ten predefined color schemes. You can also customize the Player even further, creating your own color schemes.

Color Schemes:
Presenter ’09 comes with a default color scheme and twenty additional pre-configured color schemes:

  • Default (silver)
  • Black ’09
  • Blue Dark ’09
  • Blue Light ’09
  • Blue Medium ’09
  • Green Forest ’09
  • Green Olive ’09
  • Orange ’09
  • Silver ’09
  • Slate ’09
  • White ’09
  • Blue deep
  • Blue light
  • Charcoal
  • Creamy
  • Green pharma
  • Green sci-fi
  • Gunship grey
  • Mocha bean
  • Red dawg
  • Southwestern

You can choose the color scheme to apply to the template you are editing by selecting it from the Select a color scheme drop-down menu. When you are happy with your selection, click OK. The Color Scheme Editor will close and you will be taken back to the Player Template Builder. If you selected a different color scheme, you will be asked if you wish to save the template when you close the Player Template Builder.

To create a new color scheme:

  1. Select the pre-defined color scheme on which you wish to base your new design.
  2. Click the New button and enter the name for your new color scheme:
  3. Click OK to save your new color scheme.
  4. Click the Colorizer link in the upper right-hand corner (if the Colorizer has not already loaded).

You should now see the custom Color Scheme Editor.

To edit a particular aspect of the Player, first click the bullet corresponding to the area of the Player you wish to modify. You will see the color palette reflect the current color. Next, modify the color using one of four methods to select your color of choice:

  1. Use the visual palette.
  2. Specify the RGB numbers.
  3. Specify the HSL settings.
  4. Input the Hexadecimal (HTML) color code.

When you’re satisfied with your color selection, click Apply This Color. Repeat the above for each Player area whose color you wish to modify. When you are satisfied with your new color scheme, click OK to save the settings.

Tip: For best results, have a professional designer create your custom color scheme. If that’s not an option, use an online tool like the Color Calculator to discover color harmonies. Also refer to this post for pointers on creating your own color scheme: Why Looks Matter in E-Learning Courses (And What You Can Do About It).

Additional Features of the Color Scheme Editor:

  • Slide dropshadow: Add a shadow to the main slide content area.
  • Slidebar shadow: Add a shadow to the slider next to the list of presentation slides.
  • Slide list shadow: Add a shadow to the list of presentation slides.