Colors and Effects

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Use the Colors and Effects section of Interaction Properties in Engage ’09 to specify colors and other effect preferences for your interaction.

To manage Colors and Effects:

  1. Click Interaction Properties on the Engage ’09 toolbar.
  2. Select the Colors and Effects tab from the left-hand list of options.
  3. Specify preferences from the below options:
    • Color Scheme: Engage is loaded with a number of different color schemes. The color schemes will apply to background color, button color, etc. in the published output. To select a different color scheme, simply select any color from the drop-down list and preview it to see the result. Learn more about previewing in Previewing Interactions. You can edit or delete a color scheme by right-clicking the color scheme and selecting Edit or Delete.  [Video Tutorial]
    • Animation Style: This option allows you to select what animation effect you would like in the published output.  [Video Tutorial]  Options include the following:
      • Full (default)
      • Fade
      • Appear
    • Media Borders: This options allows you to specify the Media border style to use on images or video you insert in your interaction.  [Video Tutorial]  Options include the following:
      • Rounded Corners (Default)
      • Drop Shadow
      • None
    • Sound Effects: By default, Engage ’09 uses sound effects in the published output. For example, sound effects play when the user clicks or hovers over steps in a Process interaction. If you would like to publish without these sound effects, uncheck this option and republish your interaction.  [Video Tutorial]
    • Player Fonts: By default, Engage ’09 uses the Articulate font for the interaction Title font and Content font. If you would like to use a different font, select the font type from the drop-down list of available fonts. Changes will take effect after you republish your interaction. Note: Changing the Content font here will not impact existing text in your interaction. Title font selection will apply to all titles and buttons in the published output. If you use a font type and then share your project file with another author who doesn’t have that font installed, Engage ’09 will revert back to the default font type.  [Video Tutorial]
  4. Click OK to save your changes, or Cancel to exit without saving.