Community Interactions Aren't Supported in Articulate Presenter '13

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Very few people used the Articulate Engage API to create community interactions, so we didn’t incorporate this functionality into Articulate Studio '13. When upgrading to Studio '13, we convert community interactions into Process interactions to preserve your data. You might want to check out the new interaction types in Engage '13 to see if they'll work for you.

If you upgrade an Articulate Presenter '09 course that includes a community interaction to Presenter '13, you'll see the following warning:

"Community interactions are no longer supported in Articulate Presenter '13. Would you like to convert the interaction to a Process interaction?"

If you'd like to edit and publish the interaction with Studio '13, click Yes to convert it to a Process interaction. If you'd like to keep the community interaction as it is, click No, then open the original project on a computer where Studio '09 is installed.