Storyline 1 and 2: Content Works Locally but Doesn't Load When It's Online

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If you're able to view your published content on your local computer but it won't load after uploading it to a web server or LMS, review the following reasons and solutions:

The XML Files Are Corrupt

Depending on your FTP client, the XML files in your course can become corrupt during the upload process. There are two ways to correct this issue:

  • Configure your FTP client to use Binary transfer mode, then upload the content to your web server or LMS again. (If your FTP application is using ASCII mode or Auto mode, your XML files may become corrupt.)
  • Use Storyline's built-in FTP client. When the Publish Successful window appears, click the FTP button to upload it directly to your server.

The Directory Structure Has Changed

Be sure to maintain the exact directory structure of your published output when it's uploaded to your server. Otherwise, your course won't function properly.

You're Using an Unsupported Version of Java Runtime Environment

Articulate content doesn't use Java Runtime Environment, but some LMSs do. If your LMS requires Java, check with your LMS provider to ensure you have a supported version installed. Click here for more information.