Course is never completed in Saba 5.2 (SCORM 1.2) when choice contains a "%" sign

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Saba 5.2 has an issue with question responses in some question types (Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Pick One, Pick Many) that contain a percent sign (%) which will cause courses not to be tracked properly.  If your question responses contain a percent sign it can cause the course status and score not to be updated in Saba.

Technical explanation: The SCORM spec states that the LMS is supposed to return "false" (to the SetValue call) and set the error code to "205 - Incorrect Data Type" if  the call that we make to the LMS uses characters that the LMS does not support.  If Quizmaker is notified that the SetValue call returns an error, Quizmaker will try to substitute other characters until the call returns "true".  Unfortunately Saba returns "true" to the call even though it is a character that it doesn't like.  Upon saving the data to the LMS when Quizmaker finishes communication Saba throws an exception and disregards all the data, causing the course to not track properly.

To correct this problem:

  1. Open your quiz in Quizmaker
  2. Replace any "%" signs in question responses with the word "percent"
  3. Republish the quiz

If you have good contact at Saba, you might also want to forward this issue to them to see if it has been addressed in later versions of Saba.

Note: This is only an issue with SCORM1.2 quizzes and only with question responses (not with question text).