Articulate Online: How to Simulate Course Sequencing

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Course sequencing is the process of requiring a learner to progress through a series of content items in a specific order. It ensures that learners complete prerequisite items before advancing.

Course sequencing isn't currently supported in Articulate Online, but you can simulate it. Here's how:

  1. In each of your Articulate Presenter courses, set the navigation to Locked.
  2. Add a slide to the end of each prerequisite presentation that displays a password to "unlock" the next course.
  3. Insert a graded Articulate Quizmaker quiz as the first slide in each Presenter course.
  4. Add a single fill in the blank question to each introductory quiz that asks the learner to enter the password provided by the previous course.
  5. Disable the Pass Result and Fail Result slides.

Here's a video screencast demonstrating this process: