Create a quiz template to work with non-western languages

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If you will be working with non-western languages in your quizzes, it is recommended that you use a unicode font, such as Arial Unicode MS, in order for your non-western text to appear correctly in your published quizzes.

You can create a reusable quiz template that works with non-western languages in Quizmaker '09.  Here's how:

Change your theme fonts

  1. Launch Quizmaker '09, and create a new quiz.
  2. Add a question to your new quiz.
  3. With the new question open, click the Slide View button on the toolbar to switch to Slide View mode.
  4. Select the Design tab at the top of the window.
  5. Click the Fonts drop-down list, and select Create New Theme Fonts.
  6. Select a Heading font and a Body font.  (A unicode font, such as Arial Unicode MS, is recommended for non-western languages.  However, if you choose a different font, be sure to select a font that works properly with the language you wish to use in your quizzes.)
  7. Assign a Name to your new theme font.
  8. Click the Save button to save your changes and apply you new theme fonts to your quiz.
  9. Click the Save & Close button to close the question that is currently open.

Change your prompt (feedback) font

  1. Click the Quiz Properties button on the toolbar.
  2. Select the Question Defaults tab.
  3. Using the Prompt Font drop-down list, select a unicode font, such as Arial Unicode MS.
  4. Click the OK button.

Create a reusable quiz template

  1. Click the round Articulate button in the upper left corner of the application.
  2. Select Save As.
  3. Select the location where you wish to save your quiz template.
  4. Assign a File name to your quiz template.
  5. From the Save as type drop-down list, select Quizmaker Template (*.quiztemplate).
  6. Click the Save button.

Here is a video screencast of this process:

To learn more about creating quizzes from quiz templates, see General > Creating Quizzes from Design Templates.