Creating the illusion of multiple videos in one slide

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The idea of incorporating multiple videos in one slide has been around for some time now. The methods below describe just a few ways for achieving this.

Method 1 - Presenter '09 standalone method:

  1. Create a slide with a static image representing each of the videos you wish to incorporate.
  2. Add a hyperlink to to each image that will redirect the end user to another slide in your Presenter project. This linked slide will appear identical to the static slide with the exception of the selected static image, which is replaced with a video.

The image below is a visual guide for the above method. Click here to view a video tutorial of the above described method.

Method 2 - Using a Quizmaker '09 blank slide in combination with Presenter '09:

  1. Create a new quiz in Quizmaker '09 and add a blank slide (title and text are optional).
  2. Select the 'Slide View' button while creating the blank slide.
  3. Select the 'Insert' tab then the 'Flash Movie' button and locate one of the accepted movie types (.swf, .flv or .mp4) to insert.
  4. Set the desired Flash Movie properties, then select the 'OK' button to confirm your settings. Repeat this step for each additional movie you wish to insert while positioning and sizing as desired.
  5. Right-click anywhere on the stage and select 'Format Background...'
  6. Under the 'Fill' tab, set the fill type to 'Solid fill' and set the 'Transparency' slider to 100%. Click the 'Close' button to confirm these changes.
  7. Select the 'Save and Close' button from the 'Slide Editor' window to confirm all changes.
  8. Disable the Pass and Fail result slide by selecting the 'Pass Result' button or 'Fail Result' button, and uncheck 'Display pass result slide' or 'Display fail result slide' respectively.
  9. Select the 'Save and Close' button to confirm the Pass/Fail slide changes.
  10. Save your Quizmaker '09 quiz and insert this quiz into a new or existing Presenter '09 presentation, or publish to an open Presenter '09 presentation. More information for inserting Quizmaker '09 quizzes into Presenter '09 can be found here, or publishing directly to Presenter '09 from Quizmaker '09, here.

The next stage of the procedure is optional but will complete the illusion of multiple videos on a single slide within Presenter '09 by hiding any trace elements associated with Quizmaker '09.

Optional methods for removing the Quizmaker '09 finish button can be found at this link. Please note this method is not officially supported by Articulate.

    Optional steps for hiding Quizmaker '09 background graphics:
    • In Quizmaker '09, open the Player Template Builder by selecting the 'Player Templates' button, then select the 'Layout' tab and make the following changes.
      • Uncheck everything on this tab
      • Set the 'Question numbering style' to '(No numbering)'
      • Set the 'Time Format' to 'Do not show time'
    • Select the 'Navigation' tab and make the following changes.
      • Uncheck 'Prompt to resume on quiz restart'
    • Select the 'Colors and Effects' tab, then the 'Edit...' button under the Color Scheme section and set the Transparency to 100% for the following elements.
      • Frame > Outer Border, Inner Border, Background, Background Curve, Inner Slide Border and the Outer Slide Border
      • Text > Text 1 and Hover
      • Buttons > All (Background, Border and Inner Border)
    • Select the 'OK' button to confirm these changes. Please note if you made changes to an existing Color Scheme and/or Player Template you will be prompted to provide a new Color Scheme name and/or Player Template name. You can find more information about editing Quizmaker '09 color schemes here. Changing the button elements transparency will still make the button selectable when hovered over and cannot be disabled. Use this option at your discretion.