Customize Presenter Reporting and Tracking options for use in a LMS

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You can customize the reporting and tracking options for your presentation when publishing for LMS. Here's how:

Please note some LMS's require a specific reporting status pair for the reporting to work as expected.

The above procedure is a quick overview outlining just a few of the settings available form the LMS publish dialog. A full list of options can be found here.

  1. From the Publish dialog select the LMS tab on the left to populate the additional LMS options.
  2. Select the LMS standard from the LMS dropdown field that is compliant with the intended LMS.
  3. Select the Reporting and Tracking... button to activate the Reporting and Tracking dialog.
  4. From the Reporting tab select the desired reporting status value pair from the Reporting status to LMS dropdown.
  5. From the Tracking tab select the desired method of completion. This setting will dictate what status will be reported to the LMS from step 4 above.