Default duration of Engage '09 steps

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In Engage '09 interactions, the default duration for steps that do not contain audio or video is 5 seconds.  For steps with audio or video (FLV or MP4) resources, the timing of each step will correspond to the duration of the audio or video.

The default duration of 5 seconds for steps without audio or video cannot be changed when using Interactive or Linear playback modes in Engage.  However, when using Presentation mode (interaction advances by itself), you can specify the number of seconds for steps without audio or video.

To learn more about managing Playback Mode in Engage '09, see Interaction Properties > Playback.

Note:  Because SWF files can be interactive, they are not synchronized with the timeline.  As a result, steps with SWF files will still default to 5 seconds unless you also import or record audio.