e2Train Kallidus LMS generates errors with SCORM 1.2 quizzes

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The e2Train Kallidus LMS generates errors when using SCORM 1.2 reporting for Quizmaker quizzes.  The reason for this is that the e2Train Kallidus LMS does not support SCORM 1.2 functions for reporting interaction (question-level) data.

You can work around this issue by turning off the reporting of interaction data in your Quizmaker quizzes.  Here's how:

  1. Publish your quiz for SCORM 1.2.
  2. On the Publish Successful dialog, click the Open Folder button (or navigate to the published output).
  3. Open the lms folder in your published output.
  4. Open the Configuration.js file in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  5. Perform a search for the following line of code:
    • Change the above line of code to the following:
        var DO_NOT_REPORT_INTERACTIONS = true;
      1. Save and close the Configuration.js file.
      2. Upload your modified content to your LMS.
      3. This modification prevents your published quiz from sending interaction data to your LMS.  The score and status will still be reported to your LMS.

        Note that this same process can be performed for Presenter presentations that are tracked by an embedded Quizmaker quiz.