Emailing an Interaction

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Engage ’09 allows you to email your source .intr file to other Engage ’09 authors. If you want to email the published interaction to someone, you should Publish -> Web and select the email option. Learn more in Publishing: Web.

To email a source interaction (.intr) in Engage ’09:

  1. Click the Articulate Button.
  2. Click the Send option.
  3. An email message will open in your default email program with the source interaction file (.intr) attached to the email and the interaction name in the subject line.
  4. Type the recipient email address(es) in the To and/or CC fields.
  5. Click Send to email the interaction to the recipient(s).
  6. The recipient(s) can save the .intr file locally, then double-click to open and edit in Engage ’09.