Equation Is Missing When Previewed or Published

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You may find that an equation is missing when you preview or publish. In some cases, only certain elements of the equation are missing.

This issue was corrected in Update 4 for Articulate Presenter. To take advantage of the new features and fixes, download and install the latest version from the link in your product confirmation email or get it here, then republish your project.

Tip: There's also a bug in the PowerPoint 2010 Object Model that could prevent some equations in PowerPoint 2010 from publishing correctly even after updating your Articulate software. Use either of the following options to correct it:

  • Save the equation as an image (right-clicking and selecting Save as Picture), then replacing the equation with the saved image.
  • Right-click the equation and choose Format Shape. Select the 3-D Rotation tab and set the Z Rotation to anything other than 0 (for example, 0.1 degrees).