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If you enable the Exit tab in Player Templates > Layout, you may find that it doesn't function as expected. There are several possible reasons for this.

Internet Explorer 11

The Exit tab may not work in Internet Explorer 11. This is a known issue. To correct it, add your course to the Compatibility View Settings in Internet Explorer. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, and click Compatibility View Settings. (If the Tools menu isn't visible, press the Alt key on your keyboard to reveal it.)
  2. Enter the URL for your course (or just the domain name) in the Add this website field, and click Add.
  3. Click Close to save the change.

If Compatibility View Settings need to be updated for a large audience, network administrators can control them through Group Policy.

Browser Security

Unfortunately, security restrictions in some modern web browsers (such as Firefox) will prevent windows from closing themselves, so the Exit button will not close the browser window.

If you use the Exit button in Presenter ’09 presentations, the button will be able to close the browser window if it is launched by another browser window.  You can get around this restriction by specifying that the player will launch in a new window.

To setup the player to launch in a new window:

  1. Select Articulate Player Templates
  2. Select the Other tab
  3. Select Launch presentation in new window

This will set your presentation to always launch in a new window and allow the Exit button to close the window as expected.

Local Content

If you publish a presentation for Web, LMS or Articulate Online locally and view the content from your local drive or a network drive this may cause the Exit button to not close the browser window as expected. If this occurs, it is due to web browser and/or Flash Player security restrictions. To view the content and have the Exit button work as expected you can do one of two things:

  • Publish for CD: If you simply want to test the functionality of your presentation offline, you should publish for CD and select View Presentation at the end of the publishing wizard. If you plan on distributing the content offline then you should also publish for CD. If someone else needs to view the presentation they should do so by double-clicking Launch_Presentation.exe.
  • View the content in the environment it will be hosted in: To truly test the functionality of your content we recommend testing the content in the environment it will be in when it is live. So if you are publishing for LMS, test the content in your LMS. If you are publishing for the Web, test the content on a web server via a valid HTTP address. If you are publishing for Articulate Online, test the content in Articulate Online to ensure that it works as expected.

Web Links

If you have published your presentation for Web and add hyperlinks to existing Web pages that launch the player.html file of the published output, it is recommended that you set your Web links to open in a new tab or window.  This can be accomplished by adding the target attribute to your HTML hyperlinks so that they resemble the following example:

<a href="http://www.myserver.com/presentation1/player.html" target="_blank">Link to Presentation1</a>

By opening your Web links in a new tab or window, you will avoid possible browser security restrictions that may prevent the Exit tool from working properly.

Learning Management Systems

If you have published your content for an LMS, the Exit button will only function if the presentation has been incorporated in the LMS. If you view a presentation published for LMS outside of an LMS (for example from your local drive), the Exit button will not work. If your presentation has been incorporated into your LMS correctly and the Exit button is not working, you can try the following to see if it resolves your issue.

It is strongly recommended that you create a backup of the Configuration.js file prior to modifying it.

You can locate the Configuration.js in the following locations:

AICC: C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_aicc\lms\

SCORM 1.2: C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_scorm\lms\

SCORM 2004: C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_scorm 2004\lms\

SCORM 2004 3rd Edition: C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_scorm 2004 3rd\lms

  1. Open Configuration.js file in NotePad.
  2. Change this line: var EXIT_BEHAVIOR = "SCORM_RECOMMENDED";
  4. Republish.
  5. If that does not work, you can try this: var EXIT_BEHAVIOR = "ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP";