Extract or Unzip a zip file versus opening a zip file

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Articulate Studio '09 allows you to send your publish output or your Presenter package in a zip format. This is a useful format as it allows you to send multiple files in a single, compressed file format.

If someone sends you a zip file that contains published output or a Presenter package, you may find that you are unable to view the presentation or work with the PowerPoint file. This is likely due to opening the zip file versus extracting the contents of the zip file into a new folder. You can easily extract the contents of a zip file into a new folder using the Extract or Extract All right-click function in Windows XP or greater. Here's how:

  1. Right-click the zip file.
  2. Select Extract or Extract All.
  3. Click Extract.
  4. This will extract the contents of your zip file to a new folder.