Studio '09: Flash movie best practices

Article Last Updated Dec 1, 2015

This article applies to:

Presenter ’09 supports the ability to insert both interactive and non-interactive Flash movies. This guide is intended to give some instruction on what can be done to make sure the Flash movies will work in Presenter ’09.

Flash Settings
If you are publishing from Adobe Flash, you should use the following settings for your files:

  • File Dimensions
    The maximum allowable size for an inserted Flash movie in Presenter ’09 is 720 pixels by 540 pixels, so you should ensure that your inserted Flash movie is 720 x 540 or smaller. For Quizmaker, the maximum dimensions are 686 x 424. Maximum media dimensions vary for Engage interactions.
  • Player Version
    Presenter ’09 publishes content at Flash Player version 6,0,79. Therefore, you should output your Flash movie for Flash Player 6,0,79 or lower (and ActionScript 2.0 or lower) to avoid including features that may not be supported in Presenter.
  • Frame Rate
    Presenter ’09 publishes at a rate of 30 frames per second. Creating a Flash move that is 30 frames per second will help ensure that your Flash movie plays back at the correct speed in Presenter ’09.
  • Duration
    We recommend that you keep your Flash movies below 8 minutes, 53 seconds in duration. Flash has a maximum number of frames: 16,000. At 30fps, that translates to 533.33 seconds (8 minutes, 53 seconds).
  • File Name
    You should follow sound web naming conventions when naming your Flash movie files. Avoid the following:
    • Spaces
    • Periods
    • Any character that is not a letter, number, dash or underscore (don't use special characters or accents)
  • Test your Flash Movie outside of Presenter ’09
    We recommend viewing your Flash movie in a free standalone player called Swiff Player. This will allow you to determine the frames per second of your Flash movie, the version of your Flash movie, and will also allow you to see how your Flash movie plays as a standalone movie which assists in diagnosing Flash movie issues with Presenter ’09.

Incorporating your Flash movie into Presenter ’09
When incorporating a Flash movie into Presenter ’09 at the slide level there are two methods that you can choose from:

  • Synchronization (slide only) -> synchronize slide and movie: Select this item for Flash movies that have defined beginning and end points such as videos, screen recordings and many simulations. This item will automatically set the slide length to match the length of the Flash movie. You will also be able to play/pause and seek within the Flash movie using the Presenter ’09 player controls. It is recommended that when possible you place your video and audio on the main timeline of your Flash movie to avoid syncing and playback issues.
  • Synchronization (slide only) -> movie plays independently of slide: Select this item for highly interactive Flash movies that don’t have a clearly defined end point such as interactive "click and explore" movies.

Using ActionScript
If your Flash movie contains ActionScript, it is recommended that you follow these guidelines to ensure your movie will play correctly:

  • Don’t use references to _root or _level0
    Any references to _root and _level0 can cause issues with the Presenter ’09 player and should not be used. For more information on how to avoid using _root or _level0 references, please visit Adobe’s Flash Support Center and ActionScript 2.0 Best Practices.
  • Use ActionScript 2.0 or lower.
    Since Presenter ’09 generated content is published for Flash Player 6, ActionScript 3.0 is not supported.


Note: If you are using ActionScript in your embedded movies, it is recommended that you follow sound programming techniques to ensure the movies will play properly in Presenter ’09. If you have additional questions on programming techniques for ActionScript, please visit Adobe’s Flash Support Center.

Below is a list of known limitations of using Flash animations in Presenter ’09:

  • "Off-stage" elements contained in a Flash movie will appear in Presenter ’09.
  • Presenter ’09 supports three Flash movies per slide.
  • Because the presenter panel was designed for video, a SWF file that is imported into the presenter panel must include at least two frames to work properly.