Storyline 2: How Player Features Affect Published Story Size

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The default size for Articulate Storyline projects is 720 pixels wide by 540 pixels high. However, you can change it. See this tutorial to learn how.

The overall size of your published output will be slightly larger than your slide dimensions. That's because the player (the interface around the perimeter of your slides) adds some width and height.

The player adds up to 260 pixels to the width and up to 118 pixels to the height, depending on the player features you choose. See the following table for details.

You can also enable and disable player features on a slide by slide basis, but the course size will remain the same for all slides—i.e., each player feature adds some width or height to your published course, even if it’s only used on a single slide.

Player FeatureWidthHeight
Player frame (with or without player features)+ 20 pixels+ 20 pixels
Title + 23 pixels
One or more topbar tabs + 24 pixels
Volume controller, seekbar, or navigation buttons + 51 pixels
Sidebar+ 240 pixels 

Here’s an example: If your slide size is 720 x 405 and you enable the navigation buttons and sidebar, the overall dimensions of your published course are 980 x 476. Here’s the breakdown:

Slide size720 pixels405 pixels
Player frame+ 20 pixels+ 20 pixels
Navigation buttons + 51 pixels
Sidebar+ 240 pixels 
Published Course Dimensions980 pixels476 pixels

Tip: You can find your overall course dimensions by opening the story.html file from your published output in a text editor, such as Notepad, and searching for width and height.

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