How to create a FAQ tool using Presenter '09 only

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You can create a FAQ by customizing the player controls and layout of a Presenter '09 project. Here's how:

  1. Add an introduction slide describing the instructions for the FAQ tool.
  2. Add 1 slide per question, where the slide contains a title representing the question and subtitle representing the answer.
  3. Adjust the Player Template to give the look of a typical FAQ tool by selecting the Player Templates button and making the following changes:
    • Navigation Tab: uncheck the Notes tab and Thumbnail tab
    • Text Labels Tab: change the Outline Tab text (line 4) to read 'Question List' under the Custom Text column.
  4. The above Player Template settings are made from the default Corporate Communications template. Be sure to save this new template and select this template when publishing.

  5. Open the Slide Properties and set all slides to Advance By User.
  6. Save and Publish the project.