Storyline 2: How to Create a Toggle Button

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Here's how to create a toggle button in Articulate Storyline.

Step 1: Create a Button

First, you need a button. You can use one of Storyline's built-in buttons, or you can create your own custom button from a picture, shape, or character. (We'll add triggers to control the button behavior in steps 3 and 4.)

Step 2: Add a Variable to Track the Toggle Behavior

Next, create a True/False variable to track the toggle behavior of your button.

Step 3: Add a Trigger to Toggle the Variable Between True and False

Add a trigger that toggles the variable when learners click the button. To do that, use the Operator drop-down on the Trigger Wizard to select = NOT Assignment.

Step 4: Add Triggers for the Button Actions

Finally, add two triggers to perform actions based on the true and false values of the toggle variable. For example, you might show a layer when the variable is true and hide the layer when the variable is false.

Tip: Add a condition to each trigger, so the trigger only executes when the variable is either true or false.

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