How to Deactivate Video Encoder '09

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If you have Video Encoder '09 Update 6 (released May 20, 2010) or later installed, you can deactivate your Video Encoder '09 serial number on a computer using the Deactivate feature as described below.  If you have an earlier version of Video Encoder '09 installed, you can either install the latest update and then deactivate using the instructions below, or you can uninstall Video Encoder '09 to deactivate your serial number.

To Deactivate:

Deactivate Video Encoder '09

  1. Open Video Encoder '09.
  2. Go to the Help menu.
  3. Click the Deactivate button as shown in the image below:
  4. Click the OK button to accept the warning that “This will deactivate this product on this machine.”