Storyline 1: How to Insert Adobe Captivate Content into Articulate Storyline

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Articulate Storyline has powerful tools for recording your computer screen and inserting the finished recording into your story in a variety of formats without having to re-record each time. Use the same screen recording as a video on a single slide, as a step-by-step demonstration spanning multiple slides, as an ungraded assessment, and as a graded exam. See this tutorial for details.

Here's how to add Adobe Captivate content to your Storyline project:

  1. In Storyline, go to Insert > Flash.
  2. Browse to your Captivate SWF file, and double-click it.

That's it! The placeholder for your Captivate movie may be white, black, or transparent in Storyline. To make it easier to see, you can right-click it and add a poster frame. See this article for details.

A Note About HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player Output

Captivate's Flash output won't work in HTML5 or the Articulate Mobile Player. For a full comparison of Storyline's Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player output, see this article.

However, recent versions of Captivate include HTML5 publishing, which may work in Storyline's HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player output. You'd need to embed it as a web object. If you have questions about this method, we recommend posting them in our Storyline forum. Our community is very active and always glad to help.