How to Make Markers Bigger

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Markers can't be enlarged in Articulate Storyline—but you can make them appear bigger. Here's how:

  1. Right-click the marker you want to enlarge, and choose Format Shape.
  2. When the Format Shape window opens, select the Line Style tab on the left.
  3. Increase the Width until the marker is the size you want. (In the example above, we increased it to 20 pixels.)
  4. Now, select the Line Color tab on the left.
  5. Reduce the Transparency to 0%, and choose a line Color or Gradient.
  6. Click Close.

Notes regarding this method:

  • Depending on how much you increase the line width, the marker animation (pulse/swirl) may not show.
  • The size of the overall marker can be made to appear larger, but the size of the icon within the marker can't be changed.
  • To make this the default format for all new markers in the same project, right-click the modified marker and choose Set as Default Marker.