Storyline 2: How to Send the Value of a Variable to an LMS

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By default, Articulate Storyline can't send the value of a variable to an LMS. However, Storyline communicates quiz responses to the LMS, so you can use a trigger to assign the value of a variable to a Short Answer survey question and send it to the LMS that way. Here’s how:

  1. Insert a Short Answer survey question into your course. (You don't need to add any text to the question.)
  2. Add a trigger to the Short Answer question slide with the following parameters:
    • Action: Adjust variable
    • Variable: Select the TextEntry variable from the drop-down list that corresponds to this question slide
    • Operator: = Assignment
    • Value: Variable (Select the variable that you want to report to your LMS)
    • When: Timeline starts
    • Object: Select the current slide
  3. To make this slide invisible to your learners, edit the default Submit interaction trigger with the following parameters:
    • Action: Submit interaction
    • Interaction: Short Answer 1
    • When: Timeline starts
    • Object: Select the current slide
  4. If the Submit interaction trigger (from step 3) is the first one listed in the Triggers panel, use the Down Arrow button to move it down, so it's the last slide trigger. 
  5. Ensure that this Short Answer question is included in a result slide. If you don't already have a result slide that you plan to track, you'll need to add one.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each variable that you want to communicate to your LMS.
  7. If you plan to display a menu (outline) in your course, you may want to hide each Short Answer question in the menu as well. Click here to learn how.
  8. When you publish your course for LMS, be sure to track completion by the result slide that's tied to the Short Answer questions.