Storyline 1: How to Submit Course Completion to an LMS on a Specific Slide

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Here's a method for reporting completion to an LMS on a specific slide in your Storyline course.  You might use this technique if:

  • Your course doesn't contain a quiz.
  • You don't want to track by the number of slides viewed.


This method involves adding one question slide and one result slide to your course at the place where you want completion to be reported to your LMS.  These slides can be disguised so they don't look like a quiz.


  1. Add a new blank slide at the place in your course where you want to report completion to your LMS.
  2. Add a single button to the slide that asks your users to "Submit results" or "Complete the course" or something similar.
  3. Convert the slide to a Freeform Pick One question, and do the following when the question editor opens:
    • Select the button from step 2 as the correct answer.
    • Turn off feedback and scoring.
    • Click Save & Close.
  4. Modify the "Submit interaction" trigger to occur when users clicks your custom button.  (To learn more about triggers, click here.)
  5. Add another trigger to your custom button that jumps to the next slide when clicked. (The next slide will be the result slide that you'll add in step 8 below.)
  6. Remove the built-in Submit button from the slide.  Here's how.
  7. Design the rest of the slide with text, images, and other objects as you prefer.
  8. Add a blank result slide after the interaction slide that you just created.
    • Make sure your Pick One question slide is included in the result slide.  (It will be included by default.) 
    • Uncheck all the boxes on the Options tab of the result slide.
  9. Design the result slide as a summary slide or another content slide with text, images, and other objects as you prefer.
  10. When you publish, be sure to track by this result slide.

Here's a brief video demonstration of this technique: