Presenter '13: How to Test AICC Content in SCORM Cloud

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To test AICC content in SCORM Cloud, make one small change before publishing and another after publishing. Here's how:

1. Modify the Filename(URL) field

When you're ready to publish your Articulate Presenter '13 course, do the following:

  1. Go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, and click Publish.
  2. Select the LMS tab on the left, and choose AICC as your output option (at the bottom of the window).
  3. Click Reporting and Tracking.
  4. Change the Filename(URL) field to index_lms.html as shown below, and click OK.

2. Finish publishing and modify the Configuration.js file

Customize the other publishing options as you like, and complete the publishing process. When the Publish Successful dialog appears, do the following:

  1. Click the Open Folder button to see the published files.
  2. Open the lms folder.
  3. Open the Configuration.js file in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  4. Locate the following line of text:

    var REVIEW_MODE_IS_READ_ONLY = true;
  5. And change it to:

    var REVIEW_MODE_IS_READ_ONLY = false;
  6. Save and close Configuration.js.

3. Zip the published output and upload it to SCORM Cloud

Zip your modified published output. (If the Publish Successful dialog is still open, just click the Zip button.) Then upload the zip file to SCORM Cloud for testing.