Storyline 2: How to Upload Error Logs to Articulate Support

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Is Storyline 2 crashing or performing erratically? You should be able to fix the problem by reinstalling Storyline and its supporting software. If it's still crashing, we'd love to see the Storyline error logs from your computer to find out what's happening. Here's how you can send us your error logs privately:

  1. Download and extract this zip file on your computer.
  2. Right-click the SLCrashLog.bat file and select Run as administrator.
  3. Reproduce the problem in Storyline; then close Storyline and wait 60 seconds to allow error logging to complete.
  4. From the zip file downloaded in step 1, locate the SLLogZip.bat file. Right-click it and select Run as administrator. A command window will open and create a zip file (called that contains several error logs on your desktop. (These logs can be large, so it may take a few minutes to complete.)
  5. Click here to upload to us.

We'll review your log files and follow-up with you as soon as possible.