How to View Content in the Articulate Mobile Player App and Track It in a Moodle LMS

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To view courses in the Articulate Mobile Player on an iPad or Android tablet and track them in a learning management system (LMS), you need to publish your Articulate courses for the Tin Can API (xAPI) specification:

To track Tin Can API content in Moodle, you need to install the Tin Can API plugin in your Moodle LMS and configure it to work with an external learning record store (LRS), such as Watershed LRS or SCORM Cloud LRS.

Here's a video tutorial by Andrew Downes at Rustici Software demonstrating how to use the Tin Can API plugin for Moodle with the Watershed LRS:

If you need help with your Moodle LMS or the Tin Can API plugin, we recommend visiting the Moodle support community.