Hyperlinks on SmartArt Graphics Aren't Working

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Hyperlinks on most SmartArt Graphics work as expected in Articulate Presenter '13. However, you may find that hyperlinks are unresponsive on some SmartArt Graphics, such as Picture Frame.

This is a known issue. Use either of the following options to correct it.

Apply hyperlinks to transparent objects on top of the SmartArt Graphic

Rather than applying hyperlinks directly to the SmartArt Graphic, insert PowerPoint shapes on top of the SmartArt Graphic where you want the hyperlinks to appear, and apply hyperlinks to these shapes. Then remove the fill and line color to make the shapes invisible.

Ungroup the SmartArt Graphic and apply hyperlinks to its individual elements

First, ungroup the SmartArt Graphic by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+Shift+G twice. Then apply hyperlinks to the individual elements that make up the graphic.