Storyline 2: Importing PowerPoint Slides

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Importing the content you already have in PowerPoint is a big time-saver. You don't need to recreate your slides from scratch to leverage all the great features of Storyline 2.

In this tutorial we’ll import a few PowerPoint slides from an Articulate Studio project, then we'll make a few updates to add more engaging interactivity to them.

Watch the video first, then follow the steps below to practice.

Practice Activity

Download these practice files, then do the following:

  1. Create a new Storyline project.
  2. Go to the Home tab on the ribbon, click New Slide, and select the Import tab.
  3. Click PowerPoint and locate the practice PowerPoint file (venturetech.pptx).
  4. Import all four slides from the PowerPoint file.

Review What Was Imported

  • You’ll notice that after you import the PowerPoint slides, objects on the screen are editable. Text boxes in PowerPoint slides become text boxes in Storyline. And the same happens to shapes and pictures. That means they're all editable just as they would be if you inserted them directly into Storyline.
  • If you look at the slide layouts and the options available on the Design tab, you’ll see that the master template design from PowerPoint was added. What was once PowerPoint is now all Storyline.
  • In the Notes tab, you'll see that the slide notes are there.

What to Watch for When Importing PowerPoint Slides

As you can see, the import process for PowerPoint is simple and straightforward. However, they are two different applications and there are a few things to consider when importing PowerPoint. Here are some things to look at based on the practice file:

  • Review the navigation for imported slides to make sure they behave the way you want.
  • PowerPoint is linear, so it'll import a Jump to next slide trigger. You may want to edit or remove that.

PowerPoint's hyperlinks come in with the objects, but you may want to convert the hyperlink shape to a more interactive button. Here's one way to do it:

  1. Select the hyperlinked shape and click the States tab.
  2. Create a new Hover state for the hyperlink shape with a slightly different color than the Normal state.

See this tutorial and this knowledge base article for more information on importing PowerPoint slides.

That’s it for this series on adding content to your slides. In the next series, we’ll build interactive content.