Inserting a Blank Slide

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A blank slide can be inserted anywhere in the question order. As a slide, it can hold text, an image, a movie, and/or audio. It can be used in any number of ways. For example, use a blank slide to introduce or summarize a question, a question group, or quiz. Or use it mid-way through a quiz or survey to provide supplemental material to your users.

To insert a blank slide:

  1. Click on the Blank Slide button.
  2. Enter the Title of the blank slide.
  3. Enter the Text of the blank slide.
  4. Click on Save & Close to save your blank slide, or continue editing your slide as outlined below.

To edit a blank slide:

  • Save & Close
    • Save & Close will save your blank slide and close the slide window, bringing you back to your Question List.
  • Show
    • Form View allows you to work on the blank slide in the form view.
    • Slide View allows you to customize your blank slide in greater detail. To learn more, see Customizing Questions in Slide View.
  • Clipboard
    • Cut: Select text and click Cut in order to cut the selection from the slide and put it on the clipboard. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+X.
    • Copy: Select text and click Copy in order to copy the selection to the clipboard. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+C.
    • Paste: Click in the slide and click Paste where you want the contents of the clipboard to be pasted. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+V.
  • Text
  • Insert
  • Preview:
    • Click Preview to see a preview of your blank slide. Available options while previewing your slide include the following:
      • Close Preview: Click this button to return to editing your blank slide.
      • Select: Click this button to select another question in the quiz or survey to preview.
      • Replay: Click this button above the Replay text to Replay this question. Click the arrow beneath the Replay text to select other options, including Replay this question, Replay this group, or Replay entire quiz.

To customize your blank side:

To learn more about further customizing your blank slide, please review Customizing Questions in Slide View.