Inserting Symbols

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Quizmaker ’09 allows you to insert symbols into your quiz text while editing a quiz.

If you wish to insert a symbol not included in the list of common symbols, you can access the Symbol dialog by following the below instructions.

To insert a symbol from the Symbol dialog into your interaction text:

  1. Click the symbol button.
  2. The following options are available in the Symbol dialog:
    • An available font
    • A character set:
      • Unicode (hex)
      • ASCII (decimal)
      • ASCII (hex)
    • Unicode subset (if selected):
      • Basic Latin
      • Latin-1 Supplement
      • Latin Extended-A
      • Latin Extended-B
      • Spacing Modifier Letters
      • General Punctuation
      • Kharoshthi
      • Letter-like Symbols
      • Mathematical Operators
    • Character code input field
  3. After clicking your selected symbol, click the Insert button to insert it into your quiz text, or Cancel to cancel without inserting a symbol.