Issues Addressed in the Latest Articulate Engage '09 Update

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Download the latest update for Articulate Engage '09 here. You'll need an Articulate ID to download software, and updates are free for existing licensees.

Update 11 (2.3.1303.2214) was released October 9, 2015

  • Incremental build for Articulate Studio '09 Update 11 (no changes)

Update 10 (2.3.1303.2214) was released February 11, 2014

  • Fixed issue where content wouldn't track properly in an LMS or Articulate Online when viewed in Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed issue where AICC content uploaded to SCORM Cloud wouldn't play in Internet Explorer 11

Update 9 (2.3.1303.2214) was released March 22, 2013

  • Fixed issue where content wouldn't track properly in an LMS or Articulate Online when viewed in Internet Explorer 10

Update 8 (2.3.1103.112) was released March 2, 2011

  • Fixed issue where images would not appear when an interaction was published to Word with slower performing Flash Players

Update 7 (2.3.1009.1313) was released September 16, 2010

  • Fixed issue where a McAfee Anti-Virus bug would cause .NET applications to open slowly on first launch
  • Fixed issue where silent installations would take a long time in proxied environments
  • Fixed some drawing issues that could occur when resizing the Engage window on 64-bit systems

Update 6 (2.3.1005.1623) was released May 20, 2010

  • Added support for publishing to PowerPoint 2010
  • Added support for deactivating

Update 5 (2.2.907.1413) was released July 15, 2009

  • Added support for H.264 MP4 video
  • Added support to Community Interactions for H.264 MP4 video
  • Added support to SDK for H.264 MP4 video
  • Enhanced quality of inserted FLVs when scaled
  • Fixed various font issues related to system fonts
  • Fixed output directory issue when publishing interaction with special characters in file names
  • Fixed issues where hyperlinks would stop working after changing content font in glossary
  • Fixed bullet formatting issues
  • Fixed issues where Labeled Graphic markers would appear in front of lables
  • Fixed issue running in compatibility mode on Vista
  • Fixed issue with the turkish language

Update 4 (2.1.903.321) was released March 4, 2009

  • Added support for Flipbook interactions to support more than 20 steps
  • Added support for automated manual activation process to improve response time for email activations
  • Fixed issue that affected bulleted and numbered lists where hanging indent was not working correctly when decreasing text indent
  • Fixed issue with display in Flipbook interaction that would occur when navigating to Summary step, then back to previous step
  • Fixed issue where resume didn't work correctly in Timeline and Glossary interactions if interactions did not have Introduction step.
  • Fixed issue where the default (Flashcard) interaction was not available for limited users after the admin installed Studio '09
  • Fixed issue where the "New Interaction" dialog was not shown in the taskbar
  • Fixed issue with Flipbook interactions where inserted FLV files did not stop playing when navigating to the next step
  • Fixed issue in Process interactions that made the interaction show incorrectly at runtime if the "Appear" animation style was used
  • Fixed issue that affected all Community Interactions where the audio sometimes got cut off in some steps.

Update 3 (2.1.901.713) was released January 8, 2009

  • Added support for Community Interactions.
  • Added 1 new interaction to product: Flashcards.
  • Added 2 new free interactions available for download: Flipbook and Stairstep.
  • Added support for silent installation to Studio '09 installer.
  • Fixed issue where Media Tour caption area displayed in output even with no caption text.
  • Fixed issue where Labeled Graphic media border style reverted to drop shadow when NONE was selected.
  • Fixed issue where, in some rare cases, when attempting to publish a Timeline interaction to Word, Engage '09 would crash.
  • Fixed issue where Allow Resume did not save when launching Engage '09 via Presenter '09 menu.
  • Fixed issue where audio played prior to SWF in Media Tour interaction in Presentation Mode.
  • Fixed issue where Engage '09 did not launch via PowerPoint when logged in as limited user.
  • Fixed issue where, in the output, when returning to an Engage '09 slide embedded in Presenter '09, it showed the last step viewed instead of restarting from the beginning.

Update 2 (2.0.811.3020) was released December 1, 2008

  • Incremental build for Articulate Studio '09 Update 2 (no changes)

Update 1 (2.0.811.1819) was released November 19, 2008

  • Added a single installer for all Studio ’09 products.
  • Added District of Columbia as a state under Registration.
  • Added a message if connection drops in Articulate Online when submitting results.
  • Added a message if session is expired and content is expired in Articulate Online.
  • Added "Do not show again" option for Flash Player warning when launching application.
  • Fixed multiple activation issues.
  • Fixed issue where updating Presenter 5 presentations would cause FAQ interactions to not display in published version.
  • Fixed issue where multimedia wouldn’t display in new window when embedded in Presenter ’09 (you must update the interaction in Engage to fix).
  • Fixed display error in output when using first frame of a Flash movie as the thumbnail.
  • Fixed issue where Engage did not update some Engage 1 Timeline interactions to Engage ’09.
  • Fixed issue where Labeled Graphic markers disappear on publish.
  • Fixed issue where interaction wouldn’t publish to Articulate Online if title had illegal characters.
  • Fixed issue where audio would not play on all layers of Circle and Pyramid interactions.
  • Fixed issue where copying part of an interaction title copied all of the text, not just the text selected.

Articulate Engage ’09 (2.0.809.2922) was released September 30, 2008

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