Issues Addressed in the Latest Articulate Presenter '09 Update

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Download the latest update for Articulate Presenter '09 here. You'll need an Articulate ID to download software, and updates are free for existing licensees.

Update 11 (6.3.1510.0817) was released October 9, 2015

  • Fixed issue where courses wouldn't publish when the latest Microsoft Windows Updates were installed, resulting in Error Code: 120

Update 10 (6.3.1402.0316) was released February 11, 2014

  • Fixed issue where content wouldn't track properly in an LMS or Articulate Online when viewed in Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed issue where AICC content uploaded to SCORM Cloud wouldn't play in Internet Explorer 11

Update 9 (6.3.1303.2214) was released March 22, 2013

  • Fixed issue where content wouldn't track properly in an LMS or Articulate Online when viewed in Internet Explorer 10
  • Fixed issue where web objects wouldn't load when viewed in Internet Explorer 10
  • Fixed issue where a finish action of Goes to URL for an embedded quiz wouldn't work in Internet Explorer 10

Update 8 (6.3.1103.112) was released March 2, 2011

  • Updated the signed digital certificate

Update 7 (6.3.1009.1313) was released September 16, 2010

  • Added support for PowerPoint 2010 “With Previous” and “After Previous” animations in the Presenter Consolidated Recording window
  • Added messaging for users running Click-to-Run versions of Microsoft Office 2010
  • Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability
  • Fixed issue where tabs would launch on resume in Presenter presentations
  • Fixed issue where Preview would preview the wrong presentation in PowerPoint 2010 if multiple presentations were open at the same time
  • Fixed issue where audio recorded via Slide Show > Record Narration in PowerPoint 2007 and earlier wouldn’t publish in PowerPoint 2010
  • Fixed issue where quizzes in Articulate Presenter wouldn’t send email results if question data contained an apostrophe
  • Fixed issue where publishing Quizmaker or Engage to PowerPoint 2010 would not work with multiple presentations open
  • Fixed issue where silent installations would take a long time in proxied environments
  • Fixed issue where numbered lists would not display in PowerPoint 2010

Update 6 (6.3.1005.1623) was released May 20, 2010

  • Added support for Office 2010
  • Added support for .NET 4
  • Added ability to deactivate Presenter
  • Added prompt to re-enable Presenter Ribbon if disabled
  • Added link to prompt that add-in was loaded
  • Fixed issues with Japanese characters in publish title producing blank index.html file
  • Fixed issues that would lead to corrupt PPTA file
  • Fixed issue where tracking via slides wouldn’t work when updating Quizmaker quiz
  • Fixed issue with a presentation failing to publish
  • Fixed issues related to European number formatting and audio editor
  • Fixed issue where warning would display about add-in being loaded before PowerPoint was ready
  • Fixed issue with error on saving changes in audio editor then immediately closing and reopening
  • Fixed issue where logo wouldn’t appear with Flash Player 10,0,45,0

Update 5 (6.2.907.1413) was released July 15, 2009

  • Added support for H.264 MP4 video
  • Added support for updating via installation
  • Enhanced quality of inserted FLVs when scaled
  • Changed wording of update message for check for updates
  • Changed wording of FLV Placeholder to Video Placeholder
  • Fixed issues with text in text box when it contained small caps, italics and bold text
  • Fixed issue where floating controls would not display before Prompt to resume
  • Fixed issues with audio repeating when wipe animation was used with flowchart shapes
  • Fixed issues with Captivate 4 content in AP
  • Fixed issue where audio recorded via PowerPoints record narration was not published
  • Fixed issue where existing attachments were lost on editing shared projects attachments
  • Fixed fidelity issue with some presentations
  • Fixed issue where slide time would not show correctly for quiz slides
  • Fixed issue where 980×640 video wouldn’t be positioned properly in no-sidebar view
  • Fixed issue with PPT2003 callouts that had gradient and transparent fill
  • Fixed issue where author would not be notified when using attachments in IE8 when viewed locally
  • Fixed issue where FLV placeholder would appear before FLV played
  • Fixed issue where publish to podcast would not work if title contains a colon
  • Fixed issue where the letter “V” could not be used in the LMS Identifier field
  • Fixed issue where printing a presentation would cause you to lose your PPTA file
  • Fixed issue where some Engage interactions would not be muted via Presenter’s mute button
  • Fixed issue where Print Results would print results from previous quiz
  • Fixed issue where Russian text would not show up in Close Interaction button
  • Fixed issue where Adding Existing Quiz would not be placed in the correct location
  • Fixed issue where pausing a presentation with inserted SWF would not resume animations
  • Fixed issue when canceling import of audio in audio editor
  • Fixed issue where some presentations would not track properly in Articulate Online
  • Fixed issue where floating controls (SDK) would not display on initial load
  • Fixed issue where slide titles with tabs would cause display issues with import audio dialog
  • Fixed issue when deleting wrap value in player template builder
  • Fixed issue where slides become distorted when publishing really long presentations
  • Fixed issue where spacing was incorrect when thumbnails was default tab
  • Fixed 380 error on editing a Quizmaker ‘09 quiz in Articulate Presenter

Update 4 (6.1.903.321) was released March 4, 2009

  • Added support for Colorizer to change notes background color
  • Added support for ability to set frame rate on slides
  • Added support for animated horizontal hierarchy SmartArt
  • Added support for friendly messaging when Internet connection drops while submitting results to Articulate Online
  • Added switch to disable check for updates in registry and UI
  • Added support for automated manual activation process to improve response time for email activations
  • Enhanced performance of SmartArt publishing
  • Enhanced loading time of Player Templates
  • Enhanced icon for annotation.exe
  • Fixed issue where February trials would appear to expire early
  • Fixed issue where image on first slide replaces other images on Windows 2000/PowerPoint 2000
  • Fixed issue with bullet spacing
  • Fixed issue where Audio Editor would crash if audio was locked
  • Fixed issue where inserting more than one quiz or interaction at a time would cause AP6.exe error
  • Fixed issue where interactions would not load in presentation with Engage 1.x and Engage '09 content
  • Fixed issue where PowerPoint would lock if Audio Editor crashed
  • Fixed issue where Flash movie set to play independently could not be resized
  • Fixed issue where shapes with non-linear gradients wouldn't publish in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier
  • Fixed issues with PowerPoint 2000 and text alignment/background
  • Fixed issue where navigating via keyboard arrows caused Flash Movie to move around on stage
  • Fixed issue where Java 1.6.0_11 wouldn't load in JS files correctly
  • Fixed issue where autoshape in specific presentation didn't render text well
  • Fixed issue where 3D effects on various shapes caused text to be distorted
  • Fixed issue where different audio for same slide appeared in Audio Editor vs. Record Narration in specific presentation
  • Fixed issue where Slide Paste Options tool was missing after installing Studio '09
  • Fixed issue where PowerPoint 2003 shape with transparent gradient didn't publish
  • Fixed issue where Audio Editor added a second of silence when editing really, really big presentation
  • Fixed issues with some specific bullet points
  • Fixed issue where an error would occur when editing project where old project location pointed to CD-ROM drive
  • Fixed issue where print results displayed presentation name, not quiz name
  • Fixed issue where presentation time was wrong when editing quiz outside of Presenter
  • Fixed issue where Exit tab was hidden when resuming presentation
  • Fixed issue where hitting spacebar while recording in Record Narration caused error
  • Fixed issue where print results didn't work in Chrome
  • Fixed issue where some Captivate movie audio was clipped at beginning
  • Fixed issue where inserted Flash Movie caused playlist to momentarily pause while loading
  • Fixed issue where File -> Save As didn't save custom text labels
  • Fixed issue with wording of "Don't show again" text when getting no Flash Player prompt
  • Fixed issue with specific presentation
  • Fixed issue where the word "Presenter" was missing from update is available message
  • Fixed issue where words were missing from specific presentation
  • Fixed issue where Radial Cycle and Vertical Blending Process Smart Art did not animate correctly
  • Fixed issue where security prompt warned when loading Presenter on HTTPS server
  • Fixed issue where two quizzes in a row caused second quiz to play off to the left
  • Fixed issue where changing a title in the Slide Properties and clicking thumbnail lost the edit
  • Fixed issue where editing/saving a playlist in the PPTA would not work
  • Fixed issue where content uploaded as "Completed/Incomplete" reverted back to "Passed/Incomplete" when uploaded to Articulate Online
  • Fixed issue where object was missing from output in single presentation
  • Fixed issue where resume feature didn't work in specific presentation
  • Fixed issue with grammar in message box when publishing from a non-local drive
  • Fixed issue where PowerPoint view went to slide only after closing PowerPoint after going to Record Narration
  • Fixed issue where Presenter '09 outline levels were displayed incorrectly when previewing
  • Fixed issue where index out of bounds error would occur when loading Slide Properties
  • Fixed issue with SmartArt animation
  • Fixed issue where presentation wouldn't advance with some inserted SWFs
  • Fixed issue with animation in specific presentation
  • Fixed issue with Slide Master elements that were missing in specific presentation

Update 3 (6.0.901.713) was released January 8, 2009

  • Added support for silent installation to Studio '09 installer.
  • Enhanced support for when PPTA project files are locked with another application.
  • Enhanced support for when PPTA file paths exceeded Windows character limit.

Update 2 (6.0.811.3020) was released December 1, 2008

  • Fixed issue with install on Vista prompting to restart during install in some situations.
  • Fixed issue on Vista where, in some situations, activation dialog would not display until menu option selected.

Update 1 (6.0.811.1819) was released November 19, 2008

  • Added a single installer for all Studio ’09 products.
  • Added District of Columbia as a state under Registration.
  • Added a message if connection drops in Articulate Online when submitting results.
  • Added a message if session is expired and content is expired in Articulate Online.
  • Added "Do not show again" option for Flash Player warning when launching application.
  • Fixed multiple activation issues.
  • Fixed issue where the Presenter ’09 menu would be inactive after installation.
  • Fixed issue where an ART6 file was not created when publishing for Articulate Online locally.
  • Fixed incorrect Help menu links.
  • Fixed incorrect audio volume link.
  • Fixed issue where the activation dialog launched behind PowerPoint on Vista when using PowerPoint past expiration.
  • Fixed issue where certain images wouldn’t get published in non-English versions of PowerPoint.
  • Fixed issue where tables didn’t get published using non-English PowerPoint 2007.
  • Fixed issue where Notes didn’t scroll when published using non-English versions of PowerPoint.
  • Fixed issue where text boxes in the slide master didn’t get published in PowerPoint 2003.
  • Fixed issue where web objects launched in new window in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Fixed issue where content would not track in Articulate Online if it contained more than one Engage interaction. The interaction must be updated in Engage for fix to be applied.
  • Fixed issue where an Engage interaction would be lost upon publishing.
  • Fixed issue where PPTA would not be created when upgrading Presenter 5 presentation.
  • Fixed issue where PPTA would be corrupted on creation.
  • Fixed various issues related to PowerPoint 2000 (notes not publishing, alignment and sizing issues of shapes).
  • Fixed issue where rectangle annotation only worked with the stretch animation.
  • Fixed issue where slide notes would not appear in some Learning Management Systems.

Articulate Presenter ’09 (6.0.809.2911) was released September 30, 2008

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