Issues Addressed in the Latest Engage '09 SDK Update

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Note: We no longer offer the Engage software development kit. If you already have the Engage SDK and need assistance, please post your questions in the dedicated community forum.

Engage '09 SDK 1.3 was released October 21, 2009 and addressed the following items:

  • Added support for MP4 files in the class

Engage '09 SDK 1.2 was released January 8, 2009 and addressed the following items:

  • Added support for background alpha values.
  • Added Lightbox effect to notification window.
  • Fixed issue with resume when embedded in a Presenter presentation.
  • Fixed issue when setting the enBubbleText objects text color.
  • Fixed issue where media would continue to play after switching steps
  • Fixed issue where FLV video wouldn't play on intro.
  • Fixed issue that caused the left and right keyboard buttons not to work.
  • Fixed issue where playbar would show in presentation mode.
  • Fixed scrolling issue causing content to scroll incorrectly.
  • Fixed HTML communication issue when embedded in Presenter.
  • Fixed issue with mute icon in print results.
  • Fixed issue with start tip showing during preview.

Engage ’09 SDK 1.1 was released September 30, 2008.