Large Glossary interactions are slow to load or display visual issues

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Engage '09 Glossary interactions can contain up to 500 entries.  However, please be aware that the larger an interaction becomes, the longer it will take to load during playback.  The speed at which an interaction loads is also dependent on the user's system resources and Internet connection speed.

If you have a large Glossary interaction that is slow to load in your environment, you may want to consider reducing the number of entries or splitting it into more than one interaction.

An Engage interaction should be allowed to fully load during playback before a user attempts to interact with it.  If a user attempts to interact with a large Glossary interaction before it has fully loaded, they may encounter unexpected visual issues, such as:

  • The scroll bar is unresponsive.
  • Artifacts or "ghost" images appear in front of (or on top of) the interaction.

Also note that if you include an Introduction in your Glossary interaction, it will not play until the entire interaction has fully loaded.