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When you first open the Player Templates dialog, you will see the Layout section. Details of this section are below. When you close the Player Template, the last-viewed section will be shown the next time you open it.

Elements of the Layout Section:

The elements of the Layout section of the Player Template Builder are below. Use the checkbox next to each element to determine if this element should be available in your player template.

  • View Modes:
    • Standard view: With this display mode, all elements of the player are visible, unless explicitly turned off.
    • No sidebar view: With this display mode, the sidebar is not visible. The sidebar consists of Logo, Info/Presenter, and Navigation Panel.
    • Slide only view: With this display mode, the only item that is visible is the PowerPoint slide.
    • Set as starting View: Highlight the mode in which you would like the Articulate Player to start when launched and click this button. Each template must have at least one view.
  • Sidebar:
    • Logo panel: Display/hide the panel in the Articulate Player that can contain a company logo.
    • Presenter panel: Display/hide Name, Title, and Company fields.
    • Navigation panel: Display/hide the navigation panel. The navigation panel consists of the following tabs:
      • Title: The slide titles as configured in PowerPoint or Slide Properties.
      • Thumbnails: Thumbnails of the slides in your presentation. Useful for visually navigating through your presentation.
      • Search: Clicking on this tab reveals a search function, which allows your presentation to be searched for those slides containing a specific search term.
      • Notes: A tab containing any presenter notes for your presentation.
  • Toolbar Menu:
    • Attachments tab: Display/hide the button for accessing attachments to your presentation.  [Video Tutorial]
    • Bookmark tab: Display/hide the button that allows your presentation to be bookmarked.
    • Send link tab: Display/hide the button that allows a link to your presentation to be emailed.
    • Exit tab: Display/hide the exit link in the Articulate Player.