Lengthy Segment Titles Don't Wrap in Circle Diagram and Pyramid Interactions

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Circle Diagram and Pyramid interactions are built on segments. If a segment title is too long to fully display in the published output, it'll be truncated with an ellipsis (...). To see the full segment title, just hover over it. A tooltip will appear with the complete segment title.

Segment titles don't support word wrapping, nor can the font size be reduced to accommodate additional text. However, you may be able to see more characters by using a thinner font—for example, Arial Narrow vs. Arial. To learn how to change fonts in Articulate Engage '13 interactions, see this tutorial.

If the tooltip and thinner font aren't satisfactory for your scenario, try this design technique:

  1. Type an abbreviated version of the segment title in the title field.
  2. Type the longer version of the segment title at the beginning of the content area for the segment.
  3. Use the text formatting options to make the longer version of the segment title (in step 2) stand out—increase the font size, make it bold, etc.