Lengthy Tab Titles Don't Wrap in the Content Area of Tabs Interactions

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In Articulate Engage '13 Tabs interactions, lengthy titles will wrap in the tabs (buttons). However, the same title text also appears at the top of the details pane, and it won't wrap if it's too long to display on a single line. Rather, it'll be truncated with an ellipsis (...).

Here are a couple design ideas to avoid truncating tab titles.

Adjust the Width of the Tabs

In some cases, it might be worthwhile to narrow the width of the tabs to give the details pane more room.

  1. Click Interaction Properties on the Engage ribbon.
  2. Select Tabs on the left edge of the Interaction Properties window.
  3. Reduce the width percentage. (It can be as low as 10%.)
  4. Click OK.

Use an Abbreviated Tab Title

Another design option is to use an abbreviated title for the tab, then add a more descriptive title to the beginning of the details pane. If you want the expanded version of the title to stand out, you can use the text formatting options to change the font, increase the font size, or change the font color.