Make the image in a Labeled Graphic interaction appear left or right aligned

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An image that is added to an Engage '09 Labeled Graphic interaction will be center aligned.  You cannot align your image to the left or right.  However, you can make your image appear left or right aligned. Here's how:

  1. First, determine the background color of your Labeled Graphic interaction:
    • Click the Colors drop-down list on the Engage toolbar.
    • Right-click the color scheme you wish to use, and select Edit.
    • When the Color Scheme Editor launches, ensure that Background is selected in the Choose an item to edit drop-down list.
    • Then click the Color Selector.
    • Click the More Colors button.
    • Make note of the Red, Green, and Blue color attributes for the selected color.
    • Close the Color Scheme Editor.
  2. Next, open your image in an image editor.
  3. Add a block of color to the left or right of your image, and set the color to match the Background color of your Labeled Graphic interaction, using the color attributes from Step 1 above.
  4. Save the changes to your image.
  5. Add your modified image to your Labeled Graphic interaction.