Managing the Question List

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The question list shows you all questions, blank slides, and question groups in your quiz or survey, as well as details about each question, including the number of permitted Attempts and the Point value of graded questions.

Creating a new question will add it after the selected question (click a question to select it and determine where the new question should appear), or to the end of the selected group if no question is selected.

The question list displays the following details:

  • Question Group: Questions are organized within question groups.
    • Group Title: To change the group title, click the title to select it and click again to edit it.
    • Minimize/Maximize Button: Click on the minimize button (-) to collapse the questions and display just the group title. Once collapsed, click the maximize button (+) to display the questions in the group again.
    • You can drag and drop questions between question groups.
  • Question Details:
    • Question Number: The question number appears to the left of the question. Question order can be rearranged by dragging and dropping the questions into the desired order, or their order can be randomized by clicking the Randomize Group button. To learn more, see Randomizing a Group.
    • Question Type: The question type appears in bold next to the question.
    • Question Preview: A preview of the question is beneath the question type. To edit a question, select it and press the Edit Question button in the toolbar, or double-click the question.
    • Attempts: The number of attempts the user is permitted to attempt each graded question before getting it right (survey questions are assigned 1 attempt and cannot be changed to another value). To change the number of attempts for graded questions, click the number and select a value from the drop-down menu. You can specify a value from 1 to 10 or Unlimited.
    • Points: The point value is a score assigned to a graded question (survey questions are assigned 0 cannot be changed to another value). To change the point value for a graded question, click the points value and enter a new value in the points field or click the up and down arrows until you’ve reached the desired value.

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