Movie set to start X seconds into the slide doesn't play

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If you have inserted a video into a Presenter slide and the Synchronization is set to play independently of slide, it's likely that the time to start is equal to or greater than the selected slide duration. To workaround this issue, reinsert the movie so that it is set to display prior to the end of the slide's duration. If you need the movie to start at a specific time that is beyond your slide's current duration, please follow the steps below:

  1. Determine the slide duration before attempting to insert the movie:
    • Select the Audio Editor button from the Articulate menu.
    • Select the desired slide thumbnail on the left hand side of the Audio Editor window and note the Slide Duration in the lower right hand corner.
    • Insert 1 second of silence at the end of the selected slide by clicking at the end of any audio wave that might be inserted or anywhere in audio wave form editor, then select the Silence button. The default duration for inserting silence should be set for 1 second. Selecting the OK button will add 1 second of time to the currently selected slide and close the Insert Silence dialog.


    The last bulleted step above is optional only if planning to start the movie before the end of the slide duration, or audio was inserted into the slide and you wish for the movie to start after the audio has ended.

  2. Select the Save & Close button from the Audio Editor.
  3. Select the Flash Movie button from the Articulate menu in PowerPoint and browse for a movie to insert.
  4. With the Display in slide radio button selected make the following changes:
    • Advance to the next slide: When user clicks next
    • Synchronization: Movie plays independently of slide
    • Start Flash movie [0] seconds into the slide - This setting is determined from step 1 above and should be less than the current slide duration by at least 1 second. Setting the start time equal to the current slide duration will not allow Presenter enough time to register the movie and will not play as expected.

Here is a video screencast demonstrating the above procedure: