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Quizmaker ’09 lets you easily customize the look and features of your quiz player. With Player Templates, you can modify how the player looks and choose which features you want available in your quizzes and surveys.

To access the Player Templates:

  1. Click the Player Templates button on the toolbar.
  2. The Player Template Builder will open and a list of existing Player Templates will be displayed.
  3. Select from the following options:
    • New: To create a new Player Template.
    • Edit: To edit an existing Player Template.
    • Delete: To delete an existing Player Template.
    • Rename: To rename an existing Player Template.
    • Duplicate: To copy an existing Player Template.
  4. You’ll see the Player Template Builder open with 5 tabs, which you can use to build and customize your player templates.

Elements of the Navigation Section:

The elements of the Navigation section of the Player Template Builder are below. Use the checkbox next to each element to determine if this element should be available in your player template.

Answer Submission

  • Submit one question at a time: Select this option if you want questions to be submitted by users one at a time. If you’re incorporating question-level or answer-level feedback, you will want to use this option.
  • Submit all at once: Select this option if you want questions submitted all at once. If you select this option, you can also choose to enable the following:
    • Allow user to finish without answering all questions
  • Require user to scroll to bottom on longer questions: Select this option to require users to scroll to the end of longer questions before submitting an answer. This is useful to ensure that users take the time to review all available options.


  • Prompt to resume on quiz restart: Whether or not the user should be prompted to resume the quiz or survey from where he or she left off last time. If you enable this option, you can also choose to enable the following:
    • When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie: If checked, the quiz will always resume by using the LMS’ bookmarking feature (if your LMS supports it). If unchecked, your content will resume using the LMS’ resume data, but will use the Flash cookie if the LMS does not support resume.

Click Preview at any time to review the template with its current settings. Click OK to exit the Preview or Replay to review again.

Click OK to save the template with the current settings or Cancel to exit without saving.