Storyline 1: "Next Storyline Slide" button doesn't work for Engage interaction slide

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You may find that the Next Storyline Slide button doesn't work as expected for an Engage interaction slide if you've removed the built-in Next button for that slide in Storyline.

The Next Storyline Slide button uses the same trigger that's assigned to the built-in Next button. When you remove the Next button, the corresponding trigger also gets removed, which means the Next Storyline Slide button won't work.

Do the following to work around this behavior:

  1. Navigate to the Engage interaction slide, and click the Properties button (gear icon) in the Slide Layers panel.
  2. Mark the Next box, and click OK. (This will enable the built-in Next button, but it's only temporary.)
  3. In the Triggers panel, right-click "Jump to next slide when the user clicks the next button", and select Copy
  4. Then click the Properties button (gear icon) in the Slide Layers panel again.
  5. Uncheck the Next box, and click OK. (This will disable the built-in Next button.)
  6. Right-click the Triggers panel, and select Paste. (The trigger you copied in step 3 should reappear.) 
  7. Republish your Storyline project.