Storyline 1: Non-English Text Publishes Incorrectly

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If non-English characters are missing or incorrect in your published Articulate Storyline content, review the following tips.

Slide text and notes

If text on your slides or in the Notes panel publishes incorrectly, be sure to use a unicode font, such as Arial Unicode MS or Microsoft Sans Serif.

Also, make sure that the font you're using is installed on your system. In some cases, a font may appear to be installed when it actually isn't. To verify which fonts are installed on your system, go to Start > Control Panel > Fonts.

Sidebar, title bar, and button text

If non-English text looks correct on your slides but not in the sidebar, title bar, or buttons, you'll also need to change the player font to a unicode font, such as Arial Unicode MS. 

Right-to-left text

If you're using a right-to-left language, be sure to configure your player to read from right-to-left as well.

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