Non-Western text does not display correctly for quiz or interaction player tabs

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If you publish a Quizmaker quiz or Engage interaction into a Presenter presentation as a player tab and include non-Western characters in the label for the player tab, you may find that the non-Western text does not display properly in the published presentation.  For example, it might display question marks or boxes.

This is a known issue.  You can workaround this behavior in the following manner:

  1. After publishing your presentation, open the folder that contains your published files.
  2. Open the data folder in your published files.
  3. Right-click the playerproperties.xml file, and open it with Notepad.
  4. Press CTRL+F, and search for the following text, depending on whether you are working with an Engage interaction or a Quizmaker quiz:
    • Engage interaction:  mod_engage.swf</file><labeltext>
    • Quizmaker quiz:  mod_quiz.swf</file><labeltext>
  5. The characters that immediately follow the text above and which come before the </labeltext> closing tag are the characters that will display in the player tab for your interaction or quiz.  Delete these characters, and replace them with the text that you want to display in your published presentation.
  6. Save and close the playerproperties.xml file, and then view your presentation.

Here's a video tutorial of this process: