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Use the Other section of Presentation Options to specify Recording, General, and Proxy Settings for your presentations. To manage Other settings:

  1. Select Articulate --> Presentation Options to launch the Presentation Options dialog.
  2. Click the Other option from the left-hand menu:
  3. Set the desired options:
    • Recording:
      • Show notes pane on narration window: Check this box to display your slide notes while recording narration for your presentation.
      • Record narration for one slide at a time: Check this box to record narration for one slide; uncheck this box to record narration continuously across all slides in your presentation.
      • Launch Record Narration in full screen mode on large monitors: Check this box to launch Record Narration maximized to take advantage of your monitor’s entire real estate.
    • General:
      • Automatically save changes: Check this box to automatically save your work.
      • Set preview range to X slides: Specify a whole integer value between 1 and 99 to determine the default number of slides to show when you select the option to Preview Next X Slides. The default value is 3.
      • Check for updates at startup: This option allows you to specify whether Presenter '09 should check for product updates when launching PowerPoint. Checking for updates requires an Internet connection and this option is checked by default. Uncheck this option to disable automatic check for updates.
    • Proxy Settings:
      • Use Internet Explorer proxy settings: In most cases, leaving this default option selected will allow you to publish from Presenter ’09 to Articulate Online using your default Internet settings.
      • Use proxy server: If your organization uses a proxy server and you are publishing from Presenter ’09 to Articulate Online, you may need to select this option and input your organization’s proxy server settings. Check with your IT department if you’re unsure, or if you do not know the Address and Port of the proxy server.
  4. Click OK to save your changes or Cancel to exit without saving.