Outline tab stops scrolling as presentation advances

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When viewing a published presentation, you may find that the Outline tab stops scrolling as the presentation advances if all the following are true:

  • You have included one or more Presenters in your presentation.
  • You have displayed the Presenter Panel in your player template.
  • You have 60 or more slides in your presentation.

This is a known issue.  You can correct it by inserting a photo in your Presenters (via Articulate > Presentation Options).  Here's how:

1)  Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
2)  Navigate to Articulate > Presentation Options.
3)  Select the Presenters tab.
4)  Select a presenter, and click the Edit button.
5)  Click the Browse button beneath the Photo field.
6)  Browse to an image, and click the Open button to insert it.
7)  Click the OK button to save the change.
8)  Repeat Steps 4-7 for any additional presenters in this presentation.
9)  Click the OK button to exit the Presentation Options dialog.
10)  Publish your presentation.

To learn more about managing Presenters, see Presentation Options > Presenters.