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Want to know more about our Platinum Membership Plan (PMP)? See answers to the most common questions below.

Note: Platinum Membership Plans are no longer available for purchase. However, we still honor Platinum Membership Plans that have already been purchased by existing customers.

Do I Get Live Chat Support with PMP?

PMP members always have priority email support. A real person will respond to your emails 24x7. Live chat support is also provided exclusively to PMP members 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. holidays.

How Do I Access Live Chat Support?

Instructions for accessing the live chat support service were included with your PMP confirmation email. If you no longer have those instructions, please contact support to have them sent to you again.

When Is PMP Live Chat Available?

Live chat support is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. holidays.

How Long Does My PMP Last?

Your plan starts on the date of purchase. The PMP benefits will be effective for the version you bought through the upgrade to which you’re entitled. For example, if you bought Storyline 2 with Platinum Membership Plan—1 Upgrade, you’ll get Storyline 3 at no additional cost and have access to PMP support until the next version of Storyline is released.

What Happens if a Version Upgrade Isn't Available During My PMP Term?

No worries, you'll still receive the next major perpetual upgrade at no charge—even if your PMP term has expired.

What Upgrades Can I Get with PMP?

PMP qualifies you for an upgrade to the next major perpetual version of the product associated with your plan. For example, if you bought Storyline 2 with PMP, you’ll receive the Storyline 3 upgrade for free. If you purchased Studio ’09 Pro with PMP, you’ll receive the Studio ’13 Pro upgrade for free.

May I Continue Using My Old License After I Upgrade?

Yes, you can keep your current version and license. There's no need to return it to us when you redeem your entitled PMP upgrade.

If you have Storyline 1 and upgrade to Storyline 2, you can even use them both on the same computer at the same time. (Studio '09 and Studio '13 can't be installed on the same computer at the same time.)

Can I Upgrade the Individual Apps of Articulate Studio All at Once?

Yes, you can upgrade the entire Studio suite all at once, or you may upgrade Presenter, Quizmaker, and Engage individually.

How Do I Redeem My PMP Upgrade?

You can redeem your entitled PMP upgrade here.

Why Was My Upgrade Denied?

There are a few reasons why an upgrade request may be denied:

  • Your product and corresponding PMP were purchased separately.
  • Your product doesn't have an associated PMP.
  • Your product has already been upgraded.