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When you open the Player Templates dialog, the Player Controls section is the third tab on the left. Details of this section are below. When you close the Player Template, the last-viewed section will be shown the next time you open it.

Elements of the Player Controls Section:

The elements of the Player Controls section of the Player Template Builder are below. Use the checkbox next to each element to determine if this element should be available in your player template.

Player Controls:

  • Volume control: Display/hide the volume control in the Articulate Player.
  • Forward/back/pause controller: Display/hide the navigation controls in the Articulate Player.
  • Seekbar: Display/hide the seekbar in the Articulate Player.
  • Elapsed and total presentation time: Controls whether the elapsed and total time of your presentation or e-learning course should display.
  • Show slide notes button at bottom: Controls whether the presenter slide notes should appear at the bottom of the Articulate Player.  [Video Tutorial]
  • Display powered-by logo: Controls whether to display the "Powered by Articulate" logo at the bottom left of the Articulate Player.
  • Change view mode button: Controls whether to display the view mode toggle button at the bottom right of the Articulate Player to give users the option to change between available view modes (learn more about view modes in Player Templates: Layout).  [Video Tutorial]


  • Prompt to resume on presentation restart: Whether or not the user should be prompted to resume the presentation or e-learning course from where he or she left off last time.
    • When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie: If checked, the course will always resume by using the LMS’ bookmarking feature (if your LMS supports it). If unchecked, your content will resume using the LMS’ resume data, but will use the Flash cookie if the LMS does not support resume.
  • Enable keyboard shortcuts: Controls whether the following Player keyboard shortcuts should be available to users of your published presentation in the Articulate Player:
    • Arrow Left, Arrow Up, or Page Up: Play Previous Slide
    • Arrow Right, Arrow Down, or Page Down: Play Next Slide
    • Home key: Play First Slide
    • End key: Play Last Slide
    • Spacebar: Play/Pause
    • O / T / N / S: Select Tabs - Outline, Thumbnails, Notes, Search
    • N: Toggle Slide Notes
    • V: Toggle Display View Modes
    • B: Toggle Bio Button
    • E: Toggle Email Button
    • M: Toggle Audio Mute
  • Allow user to seek within seekbar: Control whether or not users can navigate within a slide using the seekbar.  [Video Tutorial]
  • Loop presentation: Controls whether the presentation or e-learning course should automatically start over from the beginning after the last slide is completed. This feature is useful for trade shows.
  • Open slide notes when presentation starts: Controls whether slide notes should appear when launching an Articulate presentation.  [Video Tutorial]