Storyline 2: PowerPoint SmartArt Graphics Are Imported into Articulate Storyline as Images

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When importing PowerPoint content into Articulate Storyline, SmartArt Graphics are converted to images. As a result:

If you need to edit or search text in SmartArt Graphics, use one of the following options:

  • Rebuild the SmartArt Graphic in Storyline with shapes.
  • Before importing the presentation into Storyline, ungroup the SmartArt Graphic in this manner:
    1. In PowerPoint, select the SmartArt Graphic and press Ctrl+Shift+G to ungroup it.
    2. Press Ctrl+Shift+G a second time to fully ungroup it.
    3. Select each object that contains text in the ungrouped SmartArt Graphic. Then go to Format > Edit Shape > Change Shape, and choose a shape that matches—or is similar to—its current shape. For example, if an object looks like a rounded rectangle, change its shape to a rounded rectangle (or any shape of your choice). Although this step may seem unusual, it's necessary if you need to edit or search the text in Storyline. (Tip: For some shapes, like hexagons, you may need to adjust their margins or rotations, so the text looks right.)
    4. When you import the PowerPoint file, the text will be editable and searchable in Storyline.

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